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Double column ground all aluminum bracket system
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Double column ground all aluminum bracket system

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Double column ground all aluminum bracket system (cement pier foundation))
Aluminum alloy ground photovoltaic mounting system is a new type of ground mounting system newly developed by our company in 2014. This photovoltaic mounting system has the advantages of anti-corrosion, no rust, beautiful appearance and easy installation. It is suitable for the installation of small and medium-sized photovoltaic power generation systems on the ground. This all-aluminum bracket system is composed of Sigma steel foundation, front brace, rear brace, adapter combination, large rail, rail connection, medium pressure, side pressure and other bracket accessories; all bracket accessories are pre-installed SUSSo4 before factory shipment Screws are convenient for rapid installation on the construction site, saving installation costs. There are a variety of guide rails that can be customized to meet the needs of different countries and regions in different meteorological conditions.
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