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Ceramic tile roof photovoltaic mounting system
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Ceramic tile roof photovoltaic mounting system

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Glazed tile roof PV mounting system applies to civilian roof, with a very great flexibility sex. It is suitable for tiled pitched roofs of various solar panels. The common tile types of domestic civil buildings include asphalt tiles, glazed tiles, cement flat tiles, Roman tiles, Spanish tiles and stone tiles. If the tile size is not easy to measure on site, you can also check the size online after determining the tile type Because the size of the tiles, especially the thickness, determines the selection of parts such as the hooks of the bracket system [Introduction of common domestic roof tile types and photovoltaic support solutions] This photovoltaic support solution uses specific aluminum extrusion rails, various pressure blocks and various roof hooks. Open some tiles to view the structure of the house, pay attention to record the size and spacing of the main beam and purlin The hook of the bracket system of the tile house is installed and fixed on the purlin. If the tiles are cement concrete layer, expansion bolt hook is used; if purlins are wooden beams, wood is used screw fixation hooks. All photovoltaic bracket accessories are highly pre-installed before leaving the factory, which makes the installation simple and fast, and greatly saves labor costs and installation time. The customized guide rail length can avoid on-site welding and cutting to maintain its high corrosion resistance, structural strength and appearance. The angle of the photovoltaic bracket is designed and processed according to the requirements of the guests to meet the installation requirements of different latitude and longitude solar modules in different countries or regions, so as to ensure the best illumination angle.
The height of the front and rear pendants is different, which increases the installation angle of the components, improves the solar energy absorption and utilization rate. Unique connection design, easy to install and fast. The tool is simple and universal. Aluminum alloy and stainless steel parts are used.
Technical Parameters:
Placement Pitched roof
Roof type Suitable for most types of roof surfaces (for more information, please call us)
Roof slope Up to 60 ° 1
building height Up to 25 meters
Wind load Up to 50 m / s 2 (fourth wind load zone)
Snow Up to 1,4 kN / m²
Module type Framed and frameless
Module arrangement In rows or columns
Module direction Horizontal or vertical (horizontal or vertical)
Maximum height compensation 38mm
Distance between roof hook brackets Up to 2,500mm, depending on installation location, building itself, building height, roof slope, and fastening system and modules used.
standard Equivalent to DIN 1055, stress calculation if necessary
Roof hook brackets and fasteners Stainless steel (V2A)
Support rail Aluminum alloy profile (6063 T6)
Shelf life 10-year material durability guarantee
Lightning protection Optional 5
colour Natural and shiny
1. Suitable for tile or slate roof. If it is a large-area sheet roof (such as metal sheet, wavy sheet, etc.), please contact us in advance to help you make a reasonable plan.
2. When arranging the photovoltaic matrix at the corners or edges of the roof, a higher level of wind load needs to be considered.
3. Depends on the direction of the system support rails.
4. Way to save money: install 2 modules vertically head-to-head.
5. The cost is extra.
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